Sunday, April 22, 2007

Playoffs Day 1 & 2

I was out of town and missed all of Saturday's games..

Magic did better than I thought they would; I really hope that Grant Hill decides to turn it on and destroy everyone for a game or two, just to show he can.

Bulls beat Heat, yawn! :)

Raptors really needed that win.. Young team losing home court advantage.. and that eminently questionable coach.. Blah. By the way, does Sam Mitchell deserve Coach of the Year really? I mean isn't it a crock of shit that he's going to win it despite being psychotic over the last few years? I mean didn't he assault one of his players or something? Is it really his coaching getting them wins or the fact that Chris Bosh is getting better and they surrounded him with 3 new solid guys (Bargnani/Calderon/Garbajosa)? Give Bryan Colangelo exec of the year and call it a day. JVG has my vote!

Day 2 is in progress but I was able to watch most of em

  • Cavs vs Wizards was a yawner.. I wonder how many Wizards fans were hoping for that LeBron ankle sprain? Seriously though, without LBJ that series might actually be close, haha.
  • Kobe went NUTS in the 2nd quarter against Phoenix.. but then Barbosa just went apeshit on the Lakers in the 2nd half.. And the Suns could/should have won by a lot more had their shots been falling.
  • Nene is meaty. If Iverson gets his shot going this series could get REALLY fun.. But man I can't get over how Nene is just bulldozing through Duncan and Elson; I guess I (along with everyone else) just forgot about how scary he was before the injury. Go Nuggets! :P
  • Nuggets win because Nene is a beast eee :) I really hate referees though. I mean in one stretch with ~2 minutes left Tony Parker drove to the lane and either got a layup or got fouled every time.. Iverson does the same thing on the other end and doesn't get the call. Not saying the refs are favoring Parker, but they generally favor the losing team. It's just so blah and yet so accepted since it happens evvvveerrryyy time..
  • Warriors-Mavs first quarter is fun stuff. Nellie has some nice ideas :) Matt Barnes is really making a difference.. Too bad Ellis sits for him!!
  • I would never have expected the halftime score to be 38-38 for the Mavs and Warriors.. I'm just happy Warriors are hanging in there :) They're missing a lot of easy shots and not getting a whole lot of calls going their way.
  • Baron Davis just ATE the Mavericks in the 3rd. GS leads by 6 after 3!
  • Warriors stun the Mavs!!
All of my dream playoff scenarios are shaping up! Warriors gave the Mavericks fits.. Just amazing how many *competent* players are on the floor at once for that team.. I love the constant cuts, the sharp passes, the ability for each player on the floor to go 1 on 1 against anyone.. Simply fun to watch!

Dirk seemed really frustrated; it seems that the big guards are able to frustrate him enough to keep him in jump-shooting mode.. Devin Harris though was getting to the lane at will; I'm really surprised Ellis didn't step up and do the same on the other end of the floor, but Baron handled it nicely.

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