Sunday, April 22, 2007

Alright let's get this show on the road!

My magnificent playoff predictions (Made before the playoffs began although posted a couple days late!):

Detroit vs Orlando - I am the biggest Grant Hill fanboy ever, which is why Orlando takes a game in this series. Otherwise, Orlando is too turnover prone to be dangerous to Detroit, and Dwight is still too raw to carry the team (even though I have a feeling he's gonna put up some monster numbers). Detroit in 5.

Miami vs Chicago - This is the super popular "upset" pick.. Miami didn't get a whole lot of respect despite the ring last year, but the bigger reason is that this series wasn't so easy for the Heat last year, and this time around Wade is hurt.. not even taking into account Chicago's growth and (overrated) free-agent pickup Big Ben. Chicago in 6 for me.

Toronto vs New Jersey - Now I don't watch too many Raptors or Nets games but my gut tells me that the refs are gonna decide this series and Kidd/Carter are going to get a whole lot more calls than Bosh. I like Calderon too, solid guy.. and Bargnani is a stud, but the team just seems too young to take out the Nets. Bearing in mind the Nets took the Pistons to 7 games last year. They take it here I think! Nets in 7.

Cleveland vs Washington - Really a shame that the injuries hit Washington so badly. Was a fun series last year and I really think that at full health it favored the Wizards... But they're basically taking a lottery team into this series and it's going to show. I'll give them a game out of pity. Cavs in 5.

Dallas vs Golden State - I talked about how I'm a huge Hill fan... Well, I'm also a huge Monta Ellis fan. He quieted down a bit towards the end of the year since Baron/Richardson got it going, but whatever I think he's the truth. People talk a lot about how GS beat Dallas in the regular season (3-0, although Avery didn't play anyone in the last game), but in the end Dallas is just too deep and too flexible. I'm looking for the Warriors to make this really fun to watch though. I'll say Dallas in 6 but I really want 7.

Houston vs Utah - Now this is just a great series to watch. Solid basketball all around.. Coaches that are super experienced in the playoffs and know how to win with their respective styles. It's Utah's misfortune that Houston's best players are impossible covers for their personnel.. Yao is too much of a monster lately and the Jazz have always had issues with wing players (hello overrated AK47). Rockets in 6.

San Antonio vs Denver - If there is an upset I am rooting for, it's this one. I firmly believe that Tim Duncan is the greatest PF to ever play the game, but I also firmly believe that the Spurs "dynasty" needs to end SOON. If I am faced with another Pistons-Spurs final (a rehash of that dreadful Rockets-Knicks of years ago) I might cry. Spurs are meaty but Denver has Nene. Still, hard to bet against their level of consistency and experience. Spurs in 6.

Phoenix vs Lakers - Suns are my pick to win it all. Leandro Barbosa is an absolute monster this year (look at his offensive numbers.. We're talking about a guy whose output is rivaling Tony Parker's.. and he plays behind Steve Nash!). Amare is gonna make a huge difference since the Lakers can't cover him. Nash actually deserved the MVP this year and it's ironic that he probably won't get it.. This team is just too good 1-6 for anyone to beat. Suns in 5.

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