Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day 4 of the Playoffs!

Chicago-Miami game 2 is in progress
  • Shaq is being very aggressive early.. but a few calls not going his way leaves him with very little actual production
  • Miami is getting absolutely wrecked by long rebounds.. Makes me wonder why the heck they are collapsing so much in the paint when the Bulls don't even have a post presence or much penetration..
  • Bulls just lucked out to end the quarter, extending their lead to 10 off of a Wade turnover (and a subsequent Nocioni 3)
  • Wade's definitely not looking 100%. Seems to be avoiding contact from what I can see, and the Bulls are taking advantage.
  • Kapono making a difference in the 2nd quarter, stretching out the Chicago D and making them hesitant to double.
  • Why is the NBA so backwards? I have league pass but no NBA TV.. So I don't get to watch Toronto-New Jersey.. Weak sauce.
  • So Jersey loses in a fairly close game. Boki had a chance to send it into OT but missed an open 3.
  • Chicago gets hot and just plows Miami from beyond the arc. Big loser of this game has to be Wade.. So many plays where he would have finished and gotten 2-3 points but instead kick it out to an inferior player for a miss :( Too tentative.. Wasted a great effort by Shaq.
  • After the first quarter, Lakers are looking good. Kobe has played pretty much perfectly, with Odom and Walton getting touches. I keep waiting to see the Suns just go nuts on them but it seems the Lakers are doing a decent job at slowing the pace.
  • The fact that the Suns lead is a testament to the kind of difference Amare makes in situations like this.. The man is an automatic 2 points if the catches near the rim; they just didn't have that threat last year.
  • BARBOSA!!!!!!!!
  • BARBOSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • So yeah, Barbosa ate the Lakers again. This series really looks like a goner the way he's playing. Bell seems to have gotten injured landing on a Referee's foot....Ugh. As if I needed another reason to hate retarded NBA referees.

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