Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 5!

The Spurs came back and won the game they absolutely needed. At one point they led by as many as 17, though Iverson got hot and kept it close towards the end.

Nene was absolutely meaty yet again; Denver's got to come away from the first two games feeling good about themselves.. They've been pushing the Spurs and exposing some serious weaknesses. Not to mention that despite a horrible shooting night from Iverson AND Melo, they were still a Camby missed dunk away from making this game turn out differently.

Golden State and Dallas coming riiiight up :)

  • MONTA ELLIS is going nuts on the Mavs! 10 points and counting and the first quarter isn't over!
  • Warriors finish the half on a 4-0 run to trail by two.
  • Shit hits the fan in the 3rd, with Baron picking up a couple of fouls, getting involved in a "fight" with Harris and Diop. Techs assigned to Davis, Jackson, and Diop. Bit more jawing and Baron gets tossed.
  • In the fourth Jackson picks up his second tech and takes his time leaving the game.
  • Mavs (obviously) win.
Now all things considered, the Warriors have to come out of this feeling pretty good. They did what they were supposed to do (steal 1 game on the road), and even during game 2 where Dallas was largely playing very well, they were well within striking distance throughout the game.

I predicted that Dallas would win, and I stand by that if only due to Golden State's maturity (or lack thereof).. but I do want this to go the distance since these games are very entertaining :)

I found it really weird that they didn't run any plays for Ellis after he exploded in the 1st quarter.. go figure though, huh?

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