Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 4-6

The week leading up to the exams was what you'd expect I guess; there was a lot of cramming and not much sleep. I ended up not having enough time to study all of the anatomy material, which unfortunately showed up in my exam grades as well.

That said, I passed all of my tests fairly comfortably.

Anatomy, OPP, and Clinical Skills all ended up being around the class average, and everything else was above it.

I went back to Bellingham the weekend after exams to meet with Kristin, Michelle, Lisa, Tanya, Sean, Rachel, and Sarah. Had a pretty great time and was reminded that people will still be there for me even if I can't keep in touch much anymore. It was surprisngly comforting.

I also met up with Naho, who I'd originally met while traveling in the Gold Coast, Australia. We walked around Robson St and I took her to one of my favorite chinese places in BC.

It's funny how the mind works. I spent that week of the exam scolding myself for not being more diligent and keeping up. Week 5 ended up being a short one with little new material being presented, and Week 6 was a 3 day week due to the Labor Day holiday. I have made an effort to keep up with reading, but the envisioned daily cram sessions have not happened at all.

We had our white coat ceremony at the end of Week 5, which was pretty fun. Watching my colleagues walk up on stage, I realized just how many people I've come to know and like. I can definitely see how these people could be lifelong friends. It's really pretty surprising how well most of us get along, considering we're all supposedly Type-A hypercompetitive personalities :)

Coming up on friday is the agricultural field trip, which no one is looking forward to due to it taking up 14 hours of the last weekend before the next exam block. ARGH.

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