Thursday, August 21, 2008

August Clothing Pickups

Why not?

Hugo Boss Crewneck Sweater $120+tax

I picked this up at Boys Co. in Canada. Not going to lie, I only bought it because it said "BOSS"... hahah. I think I actually got this in July but whatever. I think the original price was something like $160 but I got it on sale. The material is actually pretty nice, but gets dirty easily (I wore it once and already had to get it dry cleaned). All in the name of having BOSS on my chest. Oh well.

Adidas x Diesel "Thanaz-AD" Jeans $110+tax

These were a pretty bad impulse buy I think. They are a pair of decent quality raw jeans. Original price was $220 and they had them for 50% off. Anyway, it's a collaboration between Diesel (expensive jeans) and Adidas (sportswear).. Weird combination of brands really. Clearly got together to match up against the Evisu x Puma collaboration. Has nice detailing but nothing over the top.

French Connection Transformers Tee $38+tax

It's freaking Optimus Prime on a nice t-shirt. I'm sold. There's Japanese writing. HELP.

Nike Sportswear x Loopwheeler AW77 Full Zip Hoodie $265

Ever wonder what a $265 sweater would look like? Like something you can buy from Walmart but with two tags on it, hehe. As you can see from my previous post, I've been fiending for one of these for some time so I picked one up. Workmanship is amazing. It's super soft, and feels really durable. It's pretty awesome. Also extremely overpriced and not worth it. I don't care. I happy.

Total Damage = $TOO MUCH$
There went my bonus check.. doh.

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