Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So the Sonics lost to the Lakers in OT


  • When the game was tied with 20 seconds left and the Lakers with the ball, they elected not to contest the inbounds pass.
  • They had Jeff Green trying to cover Kobe, who ran one screen and caught the ball without any problem.
  • Kobe takes and makes a jump shot with about 4 seconds to go.
  • Sonics run Durant off of two screens and get him the ball at the top of the key, where he is immediately fouled by Kobe since the Lakers had a foul to give.
  • Wally Sczerbiak "tries" to inbound the ball. I realize this isn't really Wally's fault.. After all, Coach Carlesimo should know that if you're going to choose a person to inbound the ball, it should be someone who has actually passed it on more than a couple occasions.. Timeout sonics.
  • Wally again "tries" to inbound the ball. Durant is moving around calling for it. Wally instead fires a pass to Kurt Thomas near the 3 point line, who swings it to Nick Collison for a hastily launched 20 ft jump shot. Game Over.
At least they didn't run the play for Damien?:[

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